It's all about engagement

Every day we are faced with the complexities of our professional life and the demands of our jobs, co-workers and customers.

Our resilience and creativity to meet those demands can sometimes run low, and discovering what is at risk if we did nothing can be a bit of a reality check. Other times we realise that we need to overcome a stubborn obstacle to keep developing the way we want to, and have come to see we've already tried everything we can think of ourselves.

These are two of the most common scenarios our clients present us with when they ask us to work with them. Whatever the scenario, our clients have come to the conclusion they need a trusted comrade to work with them for a while to help them explore and discover new solutions to both new and familiar problems.

What makes us different

Socius is not a 'classic' consultancy. We like to transfer our knowledge and skills to you from the moment we start working together. Our aim is to build on your strengths and expertise to develop your confidence and experience so that you won't need us for long. Control over actions and plans remains with you, so that new solutions are truly inspired by your own motivation and resourcefulness.

Discover for yourself how we work

We know the above are really just words on a website... So have a look around and see some real-life examples of how we work, and then drop us a line or an email to talk a bit more in confidence and without the hard sell.

We look forward to hearing from you!