Consulting Expertise

Our consulting expertise

At Socius, we prefer to stick to what we know and deliver excellence each time rather than attempt to be a one-stop shop. Our areas of consulting expertise are:


Organisational Communications:
  • Identifying and analysing organisational communication issues
  • Developing core messages in line with organisational objectives
  • Developing and implementing change communication strategies and plans
  • Aligning change communications with business as usual (internal and external) communications and vice versa
Strategic alignment
  • Evaluating mission and vision statements, constitutions and strategic organisational objectives
  • Involving stakeholders in (re) defining mission and vision
  • Translating high level organisational objectives into team objectives
Change Management
  • Developing change management plans
  • Developing project and programme manager soft skills
  • Designing and delivering stakeholder workshops during consultations
Understanding and Engaging Stakeholders
  • Mapping and analysing the stakeholder landscape
  • Identifying and developing key stakeholder relationships
  • Successful Commercial Stakeholder Engagement workshops for account management teams
Developing coaching and mentoring expertise and capacity in organisations
  • Recruiting and training internal coaching and/or mentoring networks
  • Continuing professional development and supervision for internal coaches and mentors
  • Manager as Coach Workshops and Masterclasses
  • Establishing a roster of external coaches
  • Evaluating the impact of coaching programme
Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace: the EQ-i2.0
  • Individual Workplace and Leadership EQ-i2.0 reports
  • EQ-i2.0 360 assessments
  • Team EQ-i2.0 assessments

Flo created and delivered two whole group CPD events for all internal coaches and mentors. These events have had a significant impact on raising the profile of coaching and mentoring within the organisation which is a key strategic aim.

Alistair Woodcock, Group Coaching and Mentoring Manager, Activate Learning Group

‘Flo’s engaging style encouraged a level of open-ness and willingness to input that was unexpected and highly valuable… as a result the day was informative and rewarding – and has been viewed as a positive first step in the change process needed.

John Eady, CEO, KPP Consulting