What coaching client type are you?

Have you always wondered what it’s really like to work with a coach? And would you like to know what type of coaching consumer you are yourself?

For a bit of Friday fun, take the below non-scientific quiz and find out your coaching client type. Jot down the number of your answers as you go along.

What’s your coaching client type?

Your boss has decided to offer you sessions with an executive coach. Your first thought is:

  1. &$%*! I’m in trouble. Time to update my CV…
  2. Err, what is it, exactly?
  3. Coaching? New age fluffy stuff, get me out of here!
  4. YES!! I have made it to the ivory tower, obvs

Your first session with your shiny new coach is in 10 minutes. You are:

  1. Mentally reciting your list of strictly off-limit topics
  2. Glad you found your coach’s website, now you have only 16 questions left to ask them
  3. Loading up on coffee so you’ll politely stay awake
  4. Wondering if you should have worn your Armani instead

Your coach suggests some tasks to do before your next session and explains you will be expected to report back on your experiences. You think:

  1. Is this a test? Is it??
  2. Hadn’t thought of that. I guess I could do that, sure
  3. Oh please, who has time for that…
  4. I’m going to nail this thing, you’ll see

Your boss is asking how it’s going with your new coach. You tell him:

  1. My sessions are confidential, right? RIGHT??
  2. It’s interesting, ask me again later.
  3. It’s alright but I don’t think I need it
  4. I really appreciate the opportunity to progress my career development, sir

You’ve just had your final coaching session. You are thinking:

  1. I feel oddly relieved. Is that a good or a bad sign?
  2. That was good, got some important new insights from that. Hah
  3. Maybe I could have done more with that. Hey ho, we live and learn
  4. Tick. What’s next?

Now, scroll down for your profile…



And some more – no peeking!




OK, here we go!

If you answered mostly 1s

Clearly you are in the wrong job in the wrong organisation and the world is coming to an end because of this. It is best to download all of Netflix and stock up on tinned foods. Tin foil hat optional.

If you answered mostly 2s

Aren’t you a curious thing? Good for you. Now, pick up the phone and call the number below, you are prime coaching client material.

If you answered mostly 3s

The world has nothing on you. You also wear Eeyore pyjamas to bed. Sometimes you wonder whether there is anything in between these two worldly extremes, but then the moment passes. That’s fine by you.

If you answered mostly 4

OK, you are a bit stuck in the 1980s, Gordon. Shall we try that again when you’re ready?


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